Introducing our Olaplex in-salon treatment

Introducing Olaplex

Love your hair from the inside out…
Now, normally we would really hesitate to call any product or treatment a ‘miracle’ or ‘revolutionary’, but we’ve had to rethink that approach. This month sees our launch of Olaplex, an incredible in-salon treatment that can work wonders on damaged, weak or coloured hair.
Have you ever wished if you could prevent your hair from breaking and repair damaged strands by linking the bonds back together again? Well the answer to your prayers is here, and it’s called Olaplex. You probably all heard the hype and the buzz surrounding the product when a certain Kim Kardashian used the treatment to restore her hair after a lengthy colour process. Well let us tell you…everything you’ve heard about Olaplex is true; it really is a revolution in hair.
The Olaplex treatment works from the inside out to strengthen, rebuild and literally reconnect the hair strand structure where broken. It’s a new in-salon treatment that seeks out and helps to rebuild any damaged disulphide bonds within the hair, those very same bonds that give elasticity and strength to your hair. These bonds can break during hair colouring and through the use of heated styling tools. This product is a complete game changer and is the only product of its kind available right now.
Olaplex is now available in our salons as a quick 15 minute add on treatment to your next blowdry or cut. Just £20*

Ask your stylist for your free consultation to find out how Olaplex can work for you.

(*excluding Blowdry or Cut and Finish)

olaplex1Olaplex before and after