How Much Shampoo Do You Need?

How much shampoo should you be using, really?

Do you know how much shampoo you actually need? Hint: It’s probably less than you think. If you’re replacing your shampoo bottle every couple of weeks, you’re probably using too much product.

So, how much is too much?

There are two factors that will determine the correct amount of shampoo for you; your hair’s texture and it’s density. Believe it or not, fine hair only needs about a five pence piece-sized amount of shampoo, while those with thicker textures should use roughly two ten pence pieces worth of shampoo. If your hair is somewhere in the middle, a ten pence piece amount is enough. Also, the curlier your hair is, the more you may need to up the amount of shampoo used.

More lather isn’t always best. One common shampooing mistake we find client’s make is that they use too much shampoo when they’re not satisfied with the amount of lather. Trust us, adding more shampoo won’t help. A less-than-impressive lather is more an issue of excess oils in the hair and product build-up, both of which are inhibiting your shampoo’s lather production. If that sounds like you then instead do a proper rinse of the first shampoo and second shampoo using the correct amount is the most effective and economical way to cleanse your hair.

Hair length has nothing to do with it. Your hair’s length shouldn’t be a factor in how much shampoo you use.  Remember, shampoo is for the scalp, not your lengths (that’s where conditioner comes in).

How often should I shampoo my hair?

Before you reach for the shampoo, ask yourself if a wash is what your hair really needs at that moment. Do you really need shampoo? Or will a thorough rinse and condition give you the refresh you need? Over-shampooing can remove your hair’s natural oils, which are essential for both hair and scalp health. Squeaky-clean hair strands have been stripped of the oils they need for health, shine, and manageability.

So, what’s the correct way to shampoo your hair?

 Step 1. Rinse your hair. We don’t just mean, get your hair wet, we mean really rinse. This means running it under water for a minute or two, so it’s fully soaked before even reaching for your shampoo. This ensures you have removed any surface debris and build-up that may interfere with your shampoo. If your hair’s curly or you only need to shampoo once a week, you will especially benefit from doing a pre-rinse, as there’s more oil on the scalp, which can make building a lather with your shampoo more difficult.

Step 2.Emulsify the shampoo in your hands first. Then apply it to the scalp and massage. Never pour the shampoo directly onto your hair.

Step 3.Start at the nape of the neck. This is where hair is usually the thickest. Gradually work your way toward the front of your hairline. Distribution is key! Then use a rotary movement using the pads of your fingers adding a little pressure. This increases the blood supply to the skins surface and encourages healthy hair growth. Rinse until the water runs clear.

Now you know they best way to use your shampoo, the next step is to find the right one for you. Book in for a complimentary consultation with one of our team for a hair analysis and recommendation of the best shampoo for your hair from our Kerastase or L’oreal Professional haircare ranges.